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NuEyes Low Vision Smart Glasses Testimonial with Wayne Heidle

Low Vision Smart Glasses Assisting With Daily Life

This video details how Wayne Heidle uses his NuEyes smart glasses to assist with his daily low vision needs as he is challenged with retinitis pigmentosa. Wayne is an assistant professor specializing in assistive technology for the visually impaired and he chooses to use NuEyes to navigate his world.


Video Transcript – Wayne Heidle NuEyes Low Vision Smart Glasses Testimonial

Wayne Heidle: As a visually impaired person, myself, I have only four degrees left in one eye. I use a white cane and a guide dog to get around. That’s my guide dog, Poncho. He helps me with my mobility. Technology helps me live a normal life.

I can see the hand telling me to stop across the street. Now I can see it change.

If you took my vision, and you were about five feet away from me, this is what you’d see. I have to do what’s called mapping. So I have to move my eye all around and figure out what their face looks like. Because the world is brought closer to me in this pair of glasses from NuEyes. This is what I see.

Bright information. Get apps and tools for your phone. I just read the bus information for Orange County Transit Authority. If I take these glasses off, I would not be able to read any information on that sign.

The technology for NuEyes is amazing. Now I’m a assistant professor and technologist for Marshall B. Kechum University. I teach Future of Technology. This is actually two computer screens at the same time looking into your eyes. So that’s huge. This is a full computer. At work, people know I’m visually impaired, but they hand me pieces of paper anyway. So I can use NuEyes to read those pieces of paper, but with the [Vivo 00:01:29] technology, I can say, glasses make bigger. Glasses make bigger. So it enlarges as you talk to it. 7/27/2011. Mr. James Johnson. Dear sir, I am writing to thank you …

While I teach, it’s much easier for me to see the students. I can zoom in and zoom out on the students. I can actually see them raising their hand with the NuEyes glasses on. We just walked down the street from Kechum Health to Marie Calendar’s, which is about four blocks. And it was much easier because I didn’t have to map as much. Brought the world to one screen.

I can read the sign, Imperial Highway. So I know what corner I’m at. That’s the first time I’ve been able to read the street sign.

So it’s a whole different world. It puts – It takes the world that’s out there and puts it right in front of you.

This is an amazing pair of glasses.