NuEyes Commonly Asked Questions

NuEyes Commonly Asked Questions

NuEyes CEO and Co-founder Mark Greget shared NuEyes Smartglasses for the Braille Institute with an audience of people at the LA Center Connection Pointe Technology Center. Mark answered commonly asked questions about the NuEyes Smartglasses.

Commonly Asked Questions about NuEyes Smartglasses

Where can we try out the smartglasses?

One of the biggest things that was a proponent to NuEyes technology Inc. when it started was having a local representative come to the patient’s home free of charge and show them how the NuEyes Smartglasses work. This makes it so patients don’t have to figure out a way to the doctor, but can easily see the smartglasses from the comforts of their home.

Can we drive or ride a bike with the smartglasses on?

A NuEyes Smartglasses warning label says,”Do not drive with glasses,” this includes riding a bike or driving a vehicle.

When did the smartglasses come out?

The NuEyes Smartglasses came out in 2016 and started shipping in April of 2016.

How often do you do upgrades on hardware or software?

The hardware on the NuEyes Featuring ODG Smartglasses have been changed very little since they were first released. NuEyes Technologies Inc. has gone to contract manufacturing, so the hardware is extremely good quality. The smartglasses are just like an apple or android phone, in which NuEyes does not charge for software upgrades. Upgrades become available to download when new advancements to the technology have been made.

What is the approximate weight of the smartglasses?

The weight of the smartglasses is 125 grams, about the weight of an iPhone.

Do the smartglasses have cables connected?

No, they look like a normal pair of glasses. They have a 2-hour battery life, however a 10-hour battery pack is also included with the product and is attached by a 3-foot cable to the glasses so the pack can easily be carried in a pocket or purse. This is the only cable that might be connected to the smartglasses at times.

If technology gets better on the smartglasses would the price go up?

No, it’s just software and software upgrades are free. The most expensive the smartglasses will ever be at is $6,000. The NuEyes Featuring ODG Smartglasses are being hand-built in San Francisco. As things get better, cheaper, and lighter on the smartglasses the cost will not be passed on to the consumer.

Are NuEyes Smartglasses the same as Google Glass?

The Google Glass has only one eye on the glasses and they are also clear, so this does not help people with light sensitivity. The Nueyes featuring ODG Smartglasses are stereoscopic, so we have two eyes that block out light. Although, the blackout lenses can be taken off to make them clear, so you have the option to have them blacked out or clear. NuEyes Technologies Inc. wanted to make a product that addresses most of the masses with the current technology.

How are NuEyes Smartglasses specially formulated for macular degeneration and other eye diseases?

NuEyes Smartglasses uses neural activity. It’s not changing vision, but helping the user with their usable vision. This is done by having screens really close to the user’s face and having them be able to magnify, change colors and contrast, and augment their world. Most low vision users say they have “good eye days” and “bad eye days,” so if the user is stressed, tired, or hungry their vision changes. Now the user has the ability to augment their world with different settings with the NuEyes algorithm allowing the user to see.