Does Insurance cover NuEyes Smartglasses?

It is a possibility that insurance may cover up to 85% of NuEyes Smartglasses.

For more information on the possibility we highly recommend contacting NuEyes Technologies, Inc.

NuEyes Insurance Coverage Step-By-Step Guide

By following the step-by-step guideline below it may be possible to get approved for NuEyes Featuring ODG Smartglasses:

1. The patient is insured

2. The patient has a vision care program through their insurance

3. The patient has met their deductible

4. The Doctor of Optometry submits a claim on behalf of the patient

  • Insurance coverage of the smartglasses may cover up to 85% if a doctor is “in network.”
  • If a doctor is “out of network” the insurance may cover up to 65% of the smartglasses.
  • Even if a doctor is “in” or “out” of network it is still not 100% that insurance will cover NuEyes Smartglasses.

Please contact NuEyes Technologies, Inc. for more information.

NuEyes Contact Information

For further information on the possibility of receiving insurance coverage contact:

NuEyes Technologies, Inc.

120 Newport Center Dr. Suite #232

Newport Beach CA 92660

Phone: 800-605-4033