NuEyes Smartglasses Make it Easier for Students, Travelers, and Working Professionals to see

NuEyes Smartglasses Make it Easier for Students, Travelers, and Working Professionals to see

The Blind Life is a Youtube channel created by Sam to share the newest technology in low vision. Recently, The Blind Life attended the ATIA 2018 conference where he interviewed NuEye’s president, Justin Moore about NuEyes ODG Smartglasses.

NuEyes Low-Key Look

The NuEyes ODG Smartglasses look just like any pair of sunglasses, creating a low-key look. On the front of the smartglasses is a digital camera, streaming a live image that plays onto the LED screens inside of the smartglasses. The camera on the smartglasses allows the surroundings to be magnified and brought in closer.

NuEyes Voice Command

The processors inside the smartglasses only weigh about a quarter of a pound and have voice activation. There are three ways to control commands on the smartglasses, which is by voice command, remote control, or buttons on the smartglasses themselves.

The voice activation makes it easier to work in school because the camera system can be controlled by the voice. Commands can be given, such as “Glasses make Bigger. Glasses make smaller.” This changes the size of the image allowing the user to zoom in and out on what they see.

In Addition, the smartglasses have OCR (optical character recognition), so text can be read to the user. Magnetic hooks on the side of the smartglasses allow earbuds to connect, so the OCR can be heard. Text is displayed on the inside of the screen, so even at a distance OCR can work.

NuEyes Practical Design

NuEyes ODG Smartglasses come with a sleek black case and the inside of the case is high contrast bright orange making it easier to see the smartglasses and accessories. The case is very sturdy with a handle, which allows the ease of hooking it onto a backpack going from class to class or keeping the smartglasses safe while traveling on an airline.

“I love the color contrast because people will give you a black case and then you put a black device in it and it just completely disappears. It’s very similar to camera cases where it’s high contrast inside. That’s awesome,” says Sam from The Blind Life.

A modern, practical, and durable case allow the smartglasses to be easily transportable for working professionals, college students, elementary school students, and even those with a passion to travel the world! One of NuEye’s user’s is a gentleman in his 80s who travels the world with his wife and brings NuEues ODG Smartglasses with him to see all the monuments and other sights.