NuEyes President Interviewed by Blind Bargains

NuEyes President Interviewed by Blind Bargains

NuEyes ODG Smartglasses are electronic glasses for low vision. The lightweight glasses run Android, including features like barcode scanning and OCR (optical character recognition). Shelly speaks with NuEyes Co-founder Justin Moore on Blind Bargain’s podcast to learn more about the wearable low vision device and what sets it apart from the rest.

What is NuEyes and How Did the Company Start?

NuEyes started two years ago in Southern California. The two founders, Mark Greget and Justin Moore, are both veterans that created wearable technology for those with low vision. The smartglasses are a full android computer in what looks like pair of sunglasses.

Inside the low vision device is two computer screens and a camera on the outside that streams live. Basically, It’s a CCTV that’s wearable with a large memory for future development. The smartglasses weigh about a quarter of a pound and can be operated by a blue-tooth wireless remote, voice activation, or a touch pad on the glasses.

The overall look of NuEyes ODG Smartglasses is very low-key and specifically designed smaller for that purpose. The device fits into a small sleek case making them very portable. Also, features of OCR and barcode scanning make reading articles and products a lot easier.

What Do Users Experience While Wearing the Smartglasses? Do Users Wear Them Constantly or for Specific Tasks?

Typically, users wear them as a task oriented tool. Although, a lot of students use the smartglasses in the classroom. This makes it so students can look at a handout without large print or find a bus schedule or bus stop.

One user wears the low vision glasses for formal dinners to see people’s faces on the other side of the table. With the magnification users can see people’s faces by zooming in during a conversation.

What Level of Magnification Does NuEyes Have?

NuEyes ODG Smartglasses have 12x magnification. For users with retinitis pigmentosa the magnification can go below one for lower magnification and a larger field of vision.

How Long Can NuEyes ODG Smartglasses Be Worn Comfortably?

The comfortability of the smartglasses depends on the individual user. Some user’s wear them for 15 minutes each use, while others wear them for hours a day. It depends on the motivation of the user. The smartglasses are a full android computer, so there is heat dissipation at the top. This is built-in by design to remove the heat. When grabbing the glasses from the top a small amount of heat can be felt, but around the face and temples there is no heat felt.

What are the Benefits of NuEyes Running on an Android System?

Software is being developed, so that more apps can be added to NuEyes ODG smartglasses. OCR, barcode scanners, voice activation changes, such as adding foreign languages are new things that have been added over the course of development. With the smartglasses having an android system they have GPS and different types of entertainment apps.

The updates for NuEyes are free. They are over the air, so if the glasses are connected to Wi-Fi new updates can be downloaded just like they are to a cell phone. As time progresses NuEyes is going to come out with a new software update every quarter.

How can the User Interact with NuEyes?

Everything can be controlled on the menu inside the screens. In the future a new app will be added that allows the menus to be heard over audio, so that users with low vision can navigate the menus. Audio can be heard on the smartglasses by magnetic earbuds and Bluetooth can be paired with hearing aids.

What is the Process to Get a Pair of NuEyes?

NuEyes ODG Smartglasses are sold through distributors, so once contacting NuEyes the client is referred to either an eye doctor or distributor. The smartglasses have been covered by the Veterans Administration, state rehab agencies, non profits, overseas governments, or they can be purchased directly from a distributor.

What is Price Point of NuEyes?

The cost of NuEyes ODG Smartglasses are 5,995$.

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