NuEyes Low Vision Glasses Bringing Sight to the Blind

NuEyes Low Vision Glasses Bringing Sight to the Blind

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An estimated 285 million are visually impaired, according to the World Health Organization. Being diagnosed with macular degeneration or glaucoma can lead to the end of a normal life. Now with the leading technology in NuEyes low vision glasses living a normal life is possible.

Beacon Lighthouse for the Blind

Jackie Davis developed macular degeneration, losing her central vision. She works at Beacon Lighthouse for the blind, a workplace for the visually impaired, making office supplies. She also works as a youth group director, her blindness doesn’t only affect her, but the children she works with. Unable to read to the children, she recites books she has memorized. Davis’s fine vision is impaired, she has been unable to read the newspaper for the past 25 years. Now with NuEyes electronic glasses she is able to read again, “I was so emotional, it made me cry. I really cried because I was reading the paper. I was so emotional because I love reading,” says Jackie Davis. Executive Director at Beacon Lighthouse for the Blind, Buddy Edgemon wants to be able to provide his employees with the low vision glasses, so they have the ability to see their grandchildren or witness a sporting event. He wants to raise their quality of life. Beacon Lighthouse is currently fundraising to buy more glasses for their clients to demo, use at work, and take home for special activities.

What Are NuEyes Low Vision Glasses?

  • NuEyes is a veteran-owned company in partnership with Osterhout design group. Their technology was originally used in products that were designed for the military.
  • Their low vision glasses have a built-in computer, 12x zoom digital camera, and a light.
  • A camera on the front of the glasses provides instant playback on the inside of the glasses allowing wearers to see.
  • It’s like taking a big screen TV at home and miniaturizing it, allowing those who can barely see to see things normally.
  • The low vision glasses can be controlled with a small remote or voice recognition, saying “glasses make bigger” or “glasses make smaller” to zoom in or out.
  • Black and white text can be read back to the reader through an earpiece.

Experiencing NuEyes Low Vision Glasses

  • Paul Thorogood has around 20/2000 vision, text needs to be magnified 100 times before it is able to be read.
  • While trying the NuEyes low vision glasses Thorogood was able to see his wife clearly for the first time.  As he saw his wife for the first time a smile spread across his face and said, “Hello. That’s my beautiful wife. Who’s smiling.”
  • Thorogood is the parent of three children and currently in between jobs. His dream is to become a teacher one day. Now being able to see with NuEyes low vision glasses he can go to school to become a teacher.
  • NuEyes electronic glasses have a 10-hour battery pack, making it easy to use them at school, the office, or at home.

Wearable technology is the future, while wearing the low vision glasses it is possible to watch a movie, check emails, and look things up online. These low vision glasses provide hope for the visually impaired, allowing them to carry out a normal life.

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