NuEyes Canadian Rep Interviewed by Kelly & Co

NuEyes Canadian Rep Interviewed by Kelly & Co

Rakshesh Patel, NuEyes Canadian representative, interviewed by Kelly and Company about NuEyes ODG Smartglasses.

NuEyes was founded by two US veterans in partnership with Osterhout Design Group, a military contractor who designs glasses for battle field applications. The glasses and software were modified to assist people with visual impairments and to provide platforms for further future development.

NuEyes Background

Mark and Justin are both U.S. veterans, serving in the navy and air force. They wanted to help people after serving in the military, so they started developing new technology to help the visually impaired.

Mark Greget, NuEyes CEO, has been in this business for the last 5 years trying to create more and more applications for different low vision products. Cutting-edge technology was used in battle field applications for drone piloting and 360-degree tank view, they used that technology in NuEyes ODG Smartglasses to help people with low vision.

  • Mark and Justin, Owners of NuEyes, US Veterans
  • Wanted to help legally blind after serving in military
  • Created NuEyes smartglasses with battlefield technology

NuEyes Features

Text-to-Speech: NuEyes ODG Smartglasses offer text-to-speech recognition systems, that will read a book or newspaper to the user through the headphones attached to the glasses. Also, the speed and gender of the voice reading back to the user can be changed.

Bluetooth Remote: A Bluetooth wireless remote that can easily strap on to the user’s fingers for easy access and control, such as turning on the smartglasse’s flashlight while walking through a dimly lit area. Another option is to control the smartglasses is from a touch pad on the left temple of the glasses.

Voice-commands: A feature of voice-commands allows for the user to decrease and increase magnification, making images bigger or smaller, recording videos, or capturing images all with the voice.

Barcode Scanner: A QR barcode scanner scans products, such as kidney beans in a grocery store and displays all the information about the product to the user in the smartglasses.

Color Contrasts: Three different contrasts can be used, such as color, white on black, and black on white.

Internet Browsing: When the smartglasses are connected to Wi-Fi it’s possible to browse the internet and check emails on the glasses.

Future Development: The smartglasses are like a mini-android computer, in which applications can be installed to the glasses. Future updates can be installed directly to the glasses through a download while connected to Wi-Fi.

Wearing NuEyes

Wearing NuEyes ODG Smartglasses is just like wearing a pair of sunglasses. The weight of the glasses is comparable to an iPhone, weighing 175 grams. “It’s very sleek, it’s not a huge head worn thing. It’s very much like a pair of sunglasses and non-intrusive. I love the practical form,” says Kelly McDonald while trying on NuEyes ODG Smartglasses in the interview.

  • Like a pair of sunglasses
  • Weighs 175 grams
  • Sleek and practical

Charging NuEyes

The NuEyes ODG Smartglasses take an hour and a half to charge. The smartglasses can stay charged without the battery pack for one and a half hours to two hours, depending on the amount of usage. The smartglasses come with a battery pack with a magnetic port that charges at the left temple. The battery pack easily fits inside the pocket and is very light. It provides a charge for ten hours, while in that time it charges the glasses to give another one and a half to two hours of usage. In total this provides an entire day of usage at 14 hours.

  • Charged for 1 and a half – 2 hours
  • With battery pack charged for 10 hours
  • Charged in total for 14 hours

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