NuEyes Smartglasses Help Legally Blind Man Pursue Dreams of Designing Furniture

NuEyes Smartglasses Help Legally Blind Man Pursue Dreams of Designing Furniture

Sean McElroy lives in High Point, Colorado, the furniture capitol of the world. He started experimenting with bandsaws, which sparked his passion to start his own furniture company. Before he discovered NuEyes, Stargardt Macular Dystrophy affected his vision and limited his options to carry out his passion for furniture design. He was determined to find a way to make his dream a reality and overcome the challenges of low vision.

Finding NuEyes

Sean’s furniture manufacturing process requires incredible attention to detail. Many times, he must view details down to 100th of an inch. He needed a solution that offers magnification to improve his sight, so he turned to NuEyes ODG Smartglasses to answer his visual acuity challenges.

Sean’s first experience with NuEyes ODG Smartglasses was profound, “Honestly I’ve always taken a very business-like approach to just about everything and it was very difficult for me not to cry,” says Sean trying on the smartglasses for the first time.

NuEyes in Daily Life

Sean’s old hobbies came back to life, such as being able to play golf because he can see his drives again. “I can to go back to doing the activities I love. I’m able to reinvigorate what I’m passionate about and have the confidence knowing that I have the tools to do it with NuEyes,” says Sean.

Small worries are no longer an issue, such as having to plan ahead by reading the online menus for a restaurant. Now Sean can walk into any restaurant, read the menu, and order his food independently.

Experience with NuEyes

Sean’s most life-changing experience with NuEyes ODG Smartglasses was attending a baseball game in Denver, Colorado where the Colorado Rockies played the San Francisco Giants. As he was standing on the rooftop deck overlooking the stadium a man asked Sean if he was wearing ODG glasses, this man happened to be the head engineer on the project for the glasses. “I had a conversation for about 20 minutes with just a general Q&A on the glasses, meanwhile the entire time I’m watching the game in the same quality and clarity that I remember being able to see as a kid. It was just absolutely epic,” exclaims Sean.

Wearing NuEyes

Sean is meticulous when it comes to his furniture crafting, hence his need for a well-fitting product. “With NuEyes the actual device itself fits me right. It does what I need it to do just right and more. I’ve had fantastic results with them and quite frankly I wouldn’t trade them for the world,” says Sean.

About NuEyes

NuEyes was founded by two U.S. veterans in partnership with Osterhout Design Group, a military contractor who developed glasses for battlefield applications. ODG’s glasses and software have been modified to assist people with visual impairments. NuEyes Smartglasses are electronic, lightweight, and compact allowing for hands-free use. Veterans may obtain NuEyes glasses from the VA Hospital and some health insurance plans cover the cost of the glasses.

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