NuEyes Helps Visually Impaired Dad of Two with Raising His Children

NuEyes Helps Visually Impaired Dad of Two with Raising His Children

Adam Palmer, 35 years old, is a dad of two living with low vision. Retinitis pigmentosa affected his ability to fully interact with his children, such as helping his son with his homework or being able to see his daughter play in low lighting. NuEyes ODG Smartglasses allowed Adam to have full interaction with his family.

Adam came across NuEyes ODG Smartglasses by searching for low vision smartglasses on google. He came to the decision of NuEyes Smartglasses because they had more technology and better representation than their competitors.

Working with NuEyes

Adam works full-time supporting his family. NuEyes ODG Smartglasses made it possible for him to accomplish day-to-day computer work, traveling within airports, Ubers, and other cities. Even further independence has been obtained by the ability to read his mail, recipes, text messages, and the buttons on the washer or dryer. His white shirts no longer come out with a blue tint because he can now confirm the clothing colors match. Also, after 5 years he can now read the mail on his own without someone’s help.

Raising a Family with NuEyes

NuEyes ODG Smartglasses have furthered the bond between Adam and his son. Now they can share the joy of cooking together and he can teach his son how to barbeque on the grill. Overall, it has increased his capacity in raising his children, such as helping his son with homework or changing diapers on his 1-year old daughter.

The low vision smartglasses have enhanced Adam’s time with his family. Now he can see his daughter playing in the living room when the lighting conditions are dark, due to dim indoor or outdoor lighting. NuEyes ODG Smartglasses have increased his ability to see brighter and sharper in locations where the lighting cannot be controlled.

A New Sense of Comfort with NuEyes

A new sense of comfort has been found by wearing NuEyes ODG Smartglasses. Adam has the capacity to walk around with the glasses in unfamiliar areas and feel at ease because they have enhanced his visual awareness of his surroundings. Now he can see a stop sign from 163 feet away and while being a passenger in a car, navigate the radio and air conditioning. Also, texts and emails can be read on his phone or computer through magnification and OCR (optical character recognition), a feature that reads text out loud to the user.

“Knowing that my vision is decreasing, it brings some comfort knowing that I can complete day-to-day tasks on my own with the use of NuEyes,” says Adam Palmer.

About NuEyes

NuEyes was founded by two U.S. veterans in partnership with Osterhout Design Group, a military contractor who developed glasses for battlefield applications. Their glasses and software have been modified to assist people with visual impairments and to provide a platform for further feature development. NuEyes Smartglasses are electronic, lightweight, and compact allowing for hands-free use. NuEyes wants to give the visually impaired the opportunity to have a normal life and partake in everyday tasks without their vision disabling them.

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