NuEyes Helping the Visually Impaired

NuEyes Helping the Visually Impaired

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Felix’s Story

Felix Reges was abandoned five days after being born in is his native country of China. At 15 months old, the Reges family adopted him. He was born with autism and a rare genetic condition. This condition is Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome, which affects the pigmentation of his skin causing albinism. Also, the syndrome affects Felix’s eyes causing low vision.

His Low Vision

Felix, now 9-years-old, is funny, inquisitive, and fascinated by technology. Due to Felix’s Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome he is legally blind. To see a loved one’s face, he must get very close to see them. He can see blobs of color, but he cannot make out facial expressions. Overall, his vision is fuzzy and he is unable to see objects across a room.

NuEyes Changing Vision

NuEyes ODG Smartglasses is now changing the way that Felix sees, bringing the outside world into clear view. The smartglasses have a wireless built-in computer and magnification of up to 12x. Additional magnification is provided, so Felix can make an object closer without having to relocate. A tiny HD camera on the front of the smartglasses acts as a new eye. The captured images are projected onto video screens inside of the glasses. The image size, contrast, brightness, and color can be adjusted using voice commands or manually by a tiny Bluetooth remote.

  • Wireless built-in computer
  • Magnification 12x
  • HD camera on front of glasses
  • Images are projected inside the lenses
  • Image size, contrast, brightness, and color can be modified
  • Adjustments are made with voice commands or tiny remote

Now provided with the opportunity of sight, Felix is more connected and learning at a faster rate. NuEyes smartglasses provided a life changing moment for a child whose life was anything but normal at the beginning. Felix’s mom who has been looking at him since first meeting him, realizes that now her son can look back at her.