NuEyes Changing Lives: Dan Kern’s Story

NuEyes Changing Lives: Dan Kern’s Story

Dan Kern is retired from the law enforcement and security industry living in Colorado with retinitis pigmentosa. His vision has slowly decreased overtime due to radiation exposure while serving in the military. The small things became more difficult for Kern, such as reading a menu at a restaurant or seeing the buttons on the microwave.

Discovering NuEyes

Hoping to find an answer for better sight Kern saw various optometrists, in which he was told that there was nothing else they could do for him. Kern went on to do further research of his own to find an answer for his low vision.

Kern discovered the newest technology in low vison, trying on smartglasses with a competitor he found the price too high. He later came home to research other options online and found NuEyes ODG Smartglasses at a more affordable price.

Trying Out NuEyes

Kern reached out to NuEyes for a demo, in which he met with NuEyes representative, Von Lacey. Meeting in a neutral location Kern tried out the NuEyes ODG Smartglasses, since Kern didn’t always have low vision he knew what he was looking for in the smartglasses.

While wearing the NuEyes Smartglasses, Kern could read his phone and text messages immediately. Normally, he would have to wait until he was at home to read his phone under a fixed reader. A sample menu was at the demo, in which Kern could read it for the first time in years.

“It was really amazing, so I knew at this point I wanted to get these. They were awesome. They didn’t have a corded apparatus that I would have to wear in my belt or in my pocket. They responded on the voice, so that left me to be handsfree to do things. In between making bigger, making smaller, changing color, and all those different features. I just knew at that point that I wanted to get them,” says Dan Kern.

Sight with NuEyes

Kern couldn’t describe one aspect of his life that has changed because it’s a multitude of things. From being able to see the buttons on the remote control of the TV to being able to build ham operated radios with NuEyes ODG Smartglasses.

NuEyes ODG Smartglasses allowed him to be more independent and do things on his own. Kern has tunnel vision and 14 degrees of vision, with the smartglasses opening up his vision to 38 degrees. The smartglasses triple his existing peripheral vision.

Everyday tasks the average person takes for granted are now possible. Kern jokes how he is now able to read the numbers on the oven instead of pushing clean by accident and locking the oven for two hours. Regretfully, informing his guests that he can’t cook the lasagna now.

Kern can now play cards with his friends because he can see the playing cards, making socializing easier. Also, traveling through Europe on the Rhine River, Kern could see all the beautiful castles and monuments in detail.

“I’m just enjoying the things that I used to be able to do more frequently now. I’m a ham radio operator, I do have features on the radio that will tell me the frequency, but now I can actually read the dials and the buttons and the frequencies. I was able to see the color and more in detail. Beforehand, if I had a red and a black wire I would have to go out in the sunshine to verify it was red and black. The ambient room lighting wasn’t enough lighting. A lot of things you take for granted,” Says Dan Kern.

Wearing NuEyes

Kern describes NuEyes ODG Smartglasses as being comfortable. When he isn’t wearing the smartglasses he likes to wear them like a pair of sunglasses around his neck or on the top of his head. The glasses are cord-free making it easy for Kern to be handsfree without having to connect a corded apparatus to his belt or wear it in his pocket. He prefers to wear the smartglasses for a task oriented tool, such as being on the computer or playing card games.

Experience with NuEyes

Dan Kern describes wearing NuEyes for the first time as having a bad prescription making it impossible to see then having a new prescription and feeling like you have a whole other chance at life again.

“With NuEyes you get another chance to have your vision. It’s better than what the optometry world would have to offer. I hope you guys can do a lot of good education with the ophthalmology and low vision industry get it out there because it can help a lot of folks,” says Kern.

Kern describes NuEyes as being extremely supportive in helping him with any questions he had, software updates, and various things. Recently, new things have been taught to him by NuEyes representative Von Lacey, such as using screen sharing to share with friends what task he is doing and what he is seeing.

“I can’t say enough about these guys. It’s a rare company with that much technical support. I really enjoy the product and their support. It’s really awesome, it gives you another chance at everything,” says Kern.