Low Vision? No Problem! NuEyes Electronic Magnification Glasses to the Rescue.

Low Vision? No Problem! NuEyes Electronic Magnification Glasses to the Rescue.

With a growing population the number of elderly people are growing as well with “an estimated 285 million people visually impaired today,” as the World health organization said in 2010. With these numbers comes a large amount of eye diseases as Michael A. Samuel M.D. states, “Macular Degeneration is the number one cause of blindness in the United States.”

Aging and Low Vision

Shirley, an elderly woman with macular degeneration, was having challenges with general vision in the distance, no longer being able to see faces clearly. She just wanted to find a way to keep her life as normal as possible despite her disease.  Patients with this disease typically have a massive magnifying board, in which they use to read, but they are limited to home use. “ It would be simply amazing to be able to see things that are just fuzzy or non existent like seeing the faces of people, going to a gallery, and perhaps even seeing a movie,” says Shirley.

Electronic Low Vision Assistive Glasses

NuEyes has created ODG smart glasses, a head-worn display that is voice activated, has an adjustable HD camera, wireless battery powered, voice activated, and is able to browse the web, emails, and social media. “A device like this allows them to take this technology outside of the home to places they want to go. It expands their ability to live their life a little bit more than they did before,” says Micahel A. Samuel. This wearable technology is the future for patients with vision loss, allowing them the ability to see in stores, restaurants, and anywhere they wish to go.

Use Your Voice to Control the Magnification

As Shirley sits with NuEye’s ODG smart glasses she voice commands the glasses to make the writing smaller in a book and states, “Now this writing I can read very easily.” Next she sits down to her piano looking to the music notes, she commands the glasses to make the writing bigger. She exclaims, “Well that’s amazing!! Gives you a great feeling of power!” as she continues to read the notes playing the piano. As we grow older our bodies create limitations that take away our sense of independence. NuEye’s ODG smart glasses gives back the freedom of being able to read a menu in a restaurant, watch a movie with loved ones, or visit your favorite art gallery.