Can Smart Glasses Help Children with Low Vision?

Can Smart Glasses Help Children with Low Vision?

Overcoming Basic Visual Challenges

Having low vision as a child can create challenges in development. Not being able to see the whiteboard in class or read the books given on assignment can make it difficult to learn efficiently. NuEye’s low vision glasses have provided the solution.

Visual Aids for Children

A young boy named Parker with low vision is trying out NuEye’s low vision glasses for the first time. One of the owners, Justin, explains that these low vision glasses come in a military grade pistol case with all the accessories, which is pretty cool for a young boy.

As parker picks up the glasses Justin explains, “They feel like a normal pair of glasses, but inside of them are two computer screens. They are OLED screens and in addition to that is a camera on the front streaming live.”

Justin asks Parker if he is able to make out the shape of his face and he nods yes. Justin goes on to explain that if Parker needs to make what he sees bigger just say “glasses make bigger” and if he needs it brighter, a light on the front can be turned on. As parker looks around the room his grandma asks, “What does it look like compared to what you usually see parker?” Parker says, “Better.” He is now able to see more details and see people’s faces. Parker is asked where his dad is and parker looks to his dad and says, “Right there!”

Justin gives the remote to parker and explains that he can press two buttons to make the image appear larger or smaller. Parker’s grandma asks, “How are you seeing things that are far away that you usually have trouble with?” Parker responds, “They are up closer now, so I can see them better.”

Next Parker is asked to read text on the wall that he usually cannot read. Parker reads the letters out loud. His grandma exclaims with joy, “Wow that’s awesome!”  With Parker’s new ability to see far and close his grandma begins to cry with happiness.

Parker’s Thoughts on the NuEyes Glasses

When Parker is asked what he thinks of the low vision glasses he responds, “They are really cool.” In addition, Parker makes it known that he would like his own pair of NuEye’s low vision glasses. Giving the opportunity to see and creating an easier environment for child development is NuEye’s mission!

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