Blind Musician is Able to See with NuEyes Low Vision Glasses

Blind Musician is Able to See with NuEyes Low Vision Glasses

New Technology Helping People See

Blind Texas musician Robert BlindDog Cook reviews NuEyes electronic low vision glasses with Tx Eye Tech after seeing his audience for the first time. Robert was born in 1964 with degenerative cataracts. During the baby boomer time there was a problem with infants receiving too much oxygen. This caused Robert’s lenses to cloud up making him legally blind his whole life.

Improvement in the Quality of Life

For the first time there is an answer to his condition, NuEyes low vision glasses. The first time putting on the glasses was a life changing experience for Robert. As a musician he was able to see his audience for the first time.“That was kind of amazing,” states Robert. The audience has been looking at him all these years and he could finally look back at them. Another special moment was being able to see his wife, daughter, and closest friends for the first time. While wearing NuEyes low vision glasses a video monitor portrayed to his family what he was seeing for the first time. “The whole thing was pretty emotional,” says Robert.

How Do They Feel?

Robert found the NuEyes low vision glasses very easy to use. At first he was worried about the low vision glasses being extremely heavy, but he found they were not. Another worry was that the low vision glasses would create too much heat because it is a computer on your head. “You can feel the warmth, but it’s by no means uncomfortable,” says Robert. He found the results of the low vision glasses to be totally worth any inconvenience in those departments. “I am pretty much in love with these things,” says Robert.

All-In-One Tool for Low Vision

The biggest game changer for Robert is that typically the visually impaired have an arsenal of tools they use just to see and now it is all in one package, NuEyes low vision glasses. The low vision glasses are now used instead of readers, recon glasses, e-readers, and the library for the blind. “These have taken all of these things and put them into one package so instead of going out with a huge bag of stuff that I need just to see I can literally put these on and adjust them to what I want to do and we are good to go,” says Robert. The low vision glasses being an android device allows the library for the blind to be downloaded in an app and downloaded directly to the low vision glasses.

“Today when we performed it was the first time I could lookout and really see people’s reaction”, says Robert. He is looking forward to the fact that NuEyes low vision glasses are cutting edge technology in the visual impairment field. “All I want is to be on board for it,” says Robert.